1. the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, place, etc.

2. the replacement or giving back of something lost,
stolen, etc.

3. something restored, replaced, or reconstructed

Oh this word..  In my missional community group last week we went around and shared a word that we wanted to focus on for 2012.  This led to some awesome discussion and scripture as we talked through the meanings of words such as FREEDOM..  HOLINESS..  CONTENTMENT.. BROKENESS..  INTENTIONAL.. STEADFAST.. and a few others.  Oh course I can’t leave out that there was some quality laughter as one word seemed to be “better” or “more holy” than the next… in my mind a mild example of a “Jesus Juke.” If you have no idea what a “Jesus Juke” is then please treat yourself to a lighthearted laugh and read John Acuff’s blog here .

Wow. One paragraph in and I am already on a tangent. Hang with me please.  So as the conversation turned to me for my word for 2012 a flood of things came to mind reflecting on where my heart has been in the past 13 days of this year.  My flesh wanted to scream out the words.. DOUBT.. FEAR.. INSECURITY..  INADEQUACY..  As I may not have screamed them my missional community definitely patiently let me talk them out.  These words mainly came from the challenges of talking with my boss about quitting, turning down an opportunity to further my career, and now facing what seems like a mountain of continuing to raise $12,000 of support in order for me to start my internship.  However, thankfully the conversation didn’t end with these words. RESTORATION is where it ended and where this year begins.

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

There is HOPE.
1. the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, place, etc.

Restoration is the act of repairing, renewing, or rebuilding something.  This means that there must be an original condition and purpose that needs to be brought back. As much as the process of restoration is difficult and often a long journey.. I must embrace the truth that restoration offers HOPE.  Hope that my sinful, wicked heart has an original state that is better… more pure.. with greater purpose.. one with “a steadfast spirit.”  I must cling to the hope that through restoration I can get closer to becoming what I am intended to be.. what I was CREATED to be.

There is a REDEEMER.
2. the replacement or giving back of something lost, stolen, etc.

I love how this implies something has been lost or stolen.  This speaks directly to my heart and my desperate need for restoration.  I am so easily distracted to where I lose sight of HIS love and promises for my life.  Ultimately this feeling of being lost started in the garden and has continued throughout every generation.  My sin leaves me lost.  My true identity has been stolen and replaced by something so cheap. BUT there is a REDEEMER.  My sin separated me, but my Savior has rescued my stolen heart.

One of my favorite musicians, David Dunn, explains it well in the following lyrics from his song “A Stolen Heart”…

A stolen heart I do possess. I can’t erase, I can’t forget.
The love He has, the love He gave to me
A rescued soul I find in me, I do possess
I do believe the greatness of the grace He gave to me

I haven’t found the words to say how grateful I am
Jesus, you’re the one that came to save us,
Put aside the glory owed you and came..
Humbly as a child, a broken world to reconcile

Lover, we declare there is no other. You’re the reason we exist.
There’s no greater love than this. Hallelujah.

There is a JOURNEY.
3. something restored, replaced, or reconstructed

Reconstruction is a process. Timing of reconstruction can look very different based upon what is being rebuilt.  The reconstruction of my “at the time” very important playmobile doll house after my brother had pillaged it with his G.I. Joes is a little different from the reconstruction of my car after an accident.  Very different? …yes, however similar pertaining to the end result.  If the builder wants a good result and truly desires to return the item back to its original intent, then reconstruction must have a plan, an order that is certainly thought out.  My life has consisted of brokenness and reconstruction… brokenness and reconstruction… brokenness and reconstruction… need I go on?  When I take my healing or reconstruction into my own hands I often push to rebuild myself quicker than intended or find a temporary fix which is quickly followed by brokenness again.  The only times I am reconstructed properly are when I patiently hand over the reigns and let Him do the reconstructing.  I am learning that the reconstructing of my heart is a process that won’t take overnight and that honestly won’t ever be complete here on earth.  However, my Savior wants to offer me restoration through a JOURNEY until the day He takes me home.  One that is full of mountains and valleys but an adventure nonetheless.

So here I am in the in between… I am officially done with the job I have held for the past year and this Monday the 30th I will start my internship with Austin Stone. What do I need? Prayer. Prayer to live each day with the HOPE my REDEEMER has given me to walk through this JOURNEY.  Prayer that I will live in a constant state of RESTORATION.  Prayer to fight doubt, insecurity, and fear with the FREEDOM He promises as I continue to raise support and start my internship.

“Old Rugged Cross” by David Dunn

You have restored me oh God..You have restored me oh God..
By the power of your name you have saved what was
You have given me hope.. You have given me hope..
By the blood that you shed on that old rugged cross

♦To my financial partners – you have no idea how overwhelmed I have been these past two weeks by your generosity as I have watched HIM provide. He has opened my eyes to the privilege and opportunity I am being given for this next year.  YOU are playing a huge role in the work HE is doing and will continue to do in Austin. Thank you.

♦To my prayer warriors – He has moved in my life more in the past few weeks than I can even put into words.  He is drawing me to trust Him more and has been so patient with me as I have slowly handed over control.  Pray for continued trust as I continue to raise support.  Pray for my heart, my expectations, and my perspective as I start my internship.  Pray for a daily reminder that it is NOT about me. You are my ROCK and He is hearing your prayers, keep them coming!!


6 thoughts on “RESTORATION.

  1. Beautifully written – I can see your heart. Now tell me exactly where are you currently, what’s going on daily as far as chores, responsibilities, laundry – the nitty gritty stuff. I have missed see you and any of your family. Who is where?
    Your headline scripture really grips me especially today. What a Godsend to read that this morning – do not be afraid. The Lord is with me. Yes I know that but how reassuring to see that in bold print the first thing. (It’s two years today that Jimmy went to be with the Lord). Thank you for choosing that – just for me.
    Have a great day, you are a precious jewel. Nancy

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