The Final 10%

If you have explored my blog at all then you probably have an idea about what my life looks like right now. But if not here is the crash course on Kate Terry.

October 2012: Prayed and reached the decision to raise support to serve full time at the Austin Stone Community Church as a resident under the Director of Women’s Training.
November-December 2012: Two of the hardest but best months of my life. In short, I walked through heartbreaking situations dealing with some of the closest people in my life, BUT God faithfully carried me through this season one moment at a time. And I wouldn’t change anything about it.
January 2013: My heart became more confirmed than ever to pursue serving full-time at Austin Stone and seek development in leading and teaching women. I committed to raising the money needed to serve in the position with the goal to start full-time on February 1st.
February 2013: The Lord faithfully provided 80% support raised! – just enough to start my position – and praying that the final 20% would be provided by the end of February. The responsibilities in my new position started quickly!
Here are a few things I have been working on this month:

  • Planned and led our first college women’s event at UT, a prayer and worship night! Currently prepping for a college women’s series in April called Identity. 
  • Started co-teaching Satisfied, a six week Get Trained class for women. We have 84 women signed up!

Right Now: A short and inadequate list attempting to explain all God is doing NOW.

  1.  The Final 10%: As of this week I am at 90%! Wooho! The Lord has been crazy faithful in conversations over the past month as He has allowed me to reach 90%. This provides me with just enough to work in my position but not enough for me to be devoted to this ministry full-time. The response from students over the past month and need for this ministry has served as such confirmation and I am excited to devote my time to this fully when I reach 100%. My heart is incredibly eager to jump in and give everything I have towards this ministry! More dets below 🙂
  2. WDP: I am continuing to be blessed and challenged by the Women’s Development Program. In the second semester we have been learning hermeneutics for Prophecy books, Exodus and Ruth, as well as books with poetry themes, Psalm, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. In Systematic Theology we have studied the topics of Common Grace, Election, and Sanctification along with many others. I am learning a ton and my world has been rocked to say the least.
  3. College Women: So far my focus has been on college women at UT and I have loved it! I have connected with many girls and am being stretched as I learn how to best disciple women and point them towards the gospel. This has fueled my urgency in serving full-time as I am literally starting to see God open doors to share the gospel with women on the UT campus. I am pumped for what is in store!

    College Prayer Meeting

    Feb. 12th Prayer Night on campus

  4. Identity Series: We will officially be holding a three week on-campus college women’s series called Identity in April! The topics discussed will center around Biblical Womanhood. We have received great feedback and encouragement as we have progressed through the planning of this series. We are excited to see how God is going to use this!
  5. Satisfied: I have had the opportunity to teach sections of Satisfied, a six week Get Trained class for women, at our Downtown Campus on Sunday nights. This experience has brought out more weaknesses and anxiety than I imagined. However, through this I have learned SO much about studying the Word, preparing for a lesson, teaching to a large group, and most importantly that it is not about me and I desperately need the Gospel. I am thankful for this growth and am looking forward to what is to come.
  6. Austin Stone Staff: Simply being around the office for the past month has afforded me the opportunity to sit and learn under the staff here. Being able to listen and take part in theological, evangelistic, and strategic conversations is a privilege. I am blown away by the character of the men and women I am surrounded by.
  7. Missional Community: I co-lead a missional community of twelve girls on Monday nights. This group of women pushes me towards Jesus daily and I am extremely thankful. Our MC has grown by four girls just in the past two months and it is crazy to see how God has so perfectly brought this group together. I can see Him working big things and love being along for the ride!
  8. Community of Interns/Residents: These people are awesome. “Intern alley” is where most of the interns spend their workdays – here is a picture to give you a visual! The men and women I work alongside everyday are incredibly gifted and even more so- passionately in love with Jesus. I believe one of the biggest benefits of the ASI program is the community that is created among the interns. There is a constant flow of peer discipling, leading, and learning in this environment. My fellow interns serve as my co-workers but more than that they are my friends, my accountability, and often the source of my perseverance. So thankful to work with each of them.

    Intern Alley!

    Intern Alley!

Whew it has only been a month and God has blessed me GREATLY. I am so thankful to be where I am. If you serve on my team as a financial partner or prayer partner- THANK YOU. I pray that you truly feel as if you are partnering with me in all that God is doing here in Austin because the fact is I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you for faithfully giving your time and money towards equipping me to do HIS work.
I believe with all my heart that your investment is reaping ten fold for HIS future kingdom.

If you are family, a friend, blog stalker, internet browser, or anything in between and are interested in helping me knock out my final 10% here are the dets…

The final 10% funding needed means I only need $200 per month to finish!!

What does this mean?
$25 a month takes care of 12%!
>>$50 a month takes care of 25%!
>>>$100 a month takes care of 50%!
5 people commit to $20 a month
2 people commit to $25 a month
1 person commits to $50 a month

Click the link to join me as a monthly partner or contribute towards the 10% in any way you can!

Please join me in praying for these three things:

  • For God’s presence to move in a MIGHTY way in the lives of the 84 women that are attending the Satisfied class for six weeks. Pray for hearts to be softened to the gospel and for women to find their value and worth in Jesus for the first time.
  • For God to raise up leaders and women passionate about proclaiming His name as we gather on UT’s campus throughout the spring semester.
  • Pray daily that God would supply the final funding needed of $200 a month.

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