The post below explains my journey that led me to Austin Stone Community Church.  To read about all God did in my first year serving at Austin Stone check out my blog entry Thankful for 2012. Enjoy! 

Post from December 6, 2011:

The past year of my life has been packed with change and refinement that has drastically reshaped my heart and perspective for what I want my life to look like.  As I look back on my journey to this present day, I can see the Lord orchestrating something great.  My hope in sharing what the Lord has been unfolding in my life and the step of faith I am taking is so that you too can at the very least catch a glimpse of how Christ is at work here in Austin.

Upon graduating from Texas A&M in December 2010 I accepted a job in sales in Austin, TX.  I can’t put in to words the mixture of emotions I felt as I said goodbye to my college life and moved into my one bedroom apartment in a brand new city away from family and friends.  All of a sudden I was trading in my sorority t-shirts and all night study parties for business clothes and feeling no shame for turning my light off at 9pm.  I’m sure you adults are getting a good laugh right about now.  Clearly transitioning into this stage of life has been marked by some difficult change, however good and necessary nonetheless.

The Lord has blessed me with success in this job however as my responsibilities and knowledge of the industry have grown so has an uneasiness in my heart.  This uneasiness was rooted from being placed in a position that was uncomfortable and new to me… a fork in the road where I had to reevaluate my character and priorities and decide at what expense I would be willing to sacrifice these to further my career or my company’s success.   At the same time as my heart was being challenged almost daily with this, my desire to serve at the Austin Stone Community Church (ASCC) continued to grow.  I had no idea the journey I was starting when I volunteered to coach for Total City Sports (TCS) for the month of June. By definition Total City Sports exists to develop Austin’s next generation of athletes and leaders by increasing participation and interest in sports while providing premier athletic programming and healthy adult relationships.  Volunteering as a coach this summer opened up my eyes to the desperate need for Christ-centered role models in so many kids lives.  For the month of June I would pack my gym shoes and clothes every morning, go to work, and then rush to camp to coach for the rest of the night.  It is only by His grace that my energy was sustained for this month, and for the first time since living in Austin I experienced joy and fulfillment.

Over the past few months the uneasiness over my work environment and the ache and longing in my heart to serve more at ASCC through TCS hasn’t diminished.  This constant mental battle pushed me into daily conversation with Jesus and digging into scripture about what this meant, which is about the time when an internship opportunity with TCS became available.  So here I am in the present making one of the most confident yet risky decisions up until this point in my life.  In January 2012 I will be leaving my current job and I will be starting a part-time, unpaid, internship with ASCC as the TCS Program Coordinator.   My anchor for this calling is our responsibility to share the gospel with the next generation as expressed in Deuteronomy 6:7-9 which calls us to “impress them [the commandments of the Lord] on your children”.  My vision for this calling is to reach students in Austin through the venue of athletics and coaching and use this to develop Christ-centered mentor relationships and ultimately further His kingdom.

These are the things that fuel my desire to take this step of faith; I would be honored and blessed if you joined me in some capacity.  The partner tab explains more on how you can partner with me in this journey.  Thank you for considering being a part of the vision God has given me, and I ask that you remember me in your prayers as God allows me to advance His Kingdom.


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