Deuteronomy 8: 17-18
Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.’  You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

This verse has wrecked my world in Spring 2013.  I never want to forget what He has taught me in these past few months.  I want to remember this time in such a way that spurs on my heart to action, leads me into sweet obedience, and grows my adoration and dependence in my Father.  Here are some snapshots over the past few months from Israel, my work at Austin Stone, and my personal processing that help me remember HIS faithfulness.

My Israel Adventure

My Ministry

IMG_2942Women's Gathering 6/5IMG_2927

My Growth

IMG_2615These pictures wouldn’t even be possible without so many people linking arms with me along this journey.  Thank you for your partnership, friendship, and prayers.  You have truly shown me more of Christ by the way you have loved me. Let’s continue to persevere one another and REMEMBER all God has done.

Love you all.


The Final 10%

If you have explored my blog at all then you probably have an idea about what my life looks like right now. But if not here is the crash course on Kate Terry.

October 2012: Prayed and reached the decision to raise support to serve full time at the Austin Stone Community Church as a resident under the Director of Women’s Training.
November-December 2012: Two of the hardest but best months of my life. In short, I walked through heartbreaking situations dealing with some of the closest people in my life, BUT God faithfully carried me through this season one moment at a time. And I wouldn’t change anything about it.
January 2013: My heart became more confirmed than ever to pursue serving full-time at Austin Stone and seek development in leading and teaching women. I committed to raising the money needed to serve in the position with the goal to start full-time on February 1st.
February 2013: The Lord faithfully provided 80% support raised! – just enough to start my position – and praying that the final 20% would be provided by the end of February. The responsibilities in my new position started quickly!
Here are a few things I have been working on this month:

  • Planned and led our first college women’s event at UT, a prayer and worship night! Currently prepping for a college women’s series in April called Identity. 
  • Started co-teaching Satisfied, a six week Get Trained class for women. We have 84 women signed up!

Right Now: A short and inadequate list attempting to explain all God is doing NOW.

  1.  The Final 10%: As of this week I am at 90%! Wooho! The Lord has been crazy faithful in conversations over the past month as He has allowed me to reach 90%. This provides me with just enough to work in my position but not enough for me to be devoted to this ministry full-time. The response from students over the past month and need for this ministry has served as such confirmation and I am excited to devote my time to this fully when I reach 100%. My heart is incredibly eager to jump in and give everything I have towards this ministry! More dets below 🙂
  2. WDP: I am continuing to be blessed and challenged by the Women’s Development Program. In the second semester we have been learning hermeneutics for Prophecy books, Exodus and Ruth, as well as books with poetry themes, Psalm, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. In Systematic Theology we have studied the topics of Common Grace, Election, and Sanctification along with many others. I am learning a ton and my world has been rocked to say the least.
  3. College Women: So far my focus has been on college women at UT and I have loved it! I have connected with many girls and am being stretched as I learn how to best disciple women and point them towards the gospel. This has fueled my urgency in serving full-time as I am literally starting to see God open doors to share the gospel with women on the UT campus. I am pumped for what is in store!

    College Prayer Meeting

    Feb. 12th Prayer Night on campus

  4. Identity Series: We will officially be holding a three week on-campus college women’s series called Identity in April! The topics discussed will center around Biblical Womanhood. We have received great feedback and encouragement as we have progressed through the planning of this series. We are excited to see how God is going to use this!
  5. Satisfied: I have had the opportunity to teach sections of Satisfied, a six week Get Trained class for women, at our Downtown Campus on Sunday nights. This experience has brought out more weaknesses and anxiety than I imagined. However, through this I have learned SO much about studying the Word, preparing for a lesson, teaching to a large group, and most importantly that it is not about me and I desperately need the Gospel. I am thankful for this growth and am looking forward to what is to come.
  6. Austin Stone Staff: Simply being around the office for the past month has afforded me the opportunity to sit and learn under the staff here. Being able to listen and take part in theological, evangelistic, and strategic conversations is a privilege. I am blown away by the character of the men and women I am surrounded by.
  7. Missional Community: I co-lead a missional community of twelve girls on Monday nights. This group of women pushes me towards Jesus daily and I am extremely thankful. Our MC has grown by four girls just in the past two months and it is crazy to see how God has so perfectly brought this group together. I can see Him working big things and love being along for the ride!
  8. Community of Interns/Residents: These people are awesome. “Intern alley” is where most of the interns spend their workdays – here is a picture to give you a visual! The men and women I work alongside everyday are incredibly gifted and even more so- passionately in love with Jesus. I believe one of the biggest benefits of the ASI program is the community that is created among the interns. There is a constant flow of peer discipling, leading, and learning in this environment. My fellow interns serve as my co-workers but more than that they are my friends, my accountability, and often the source of my perseverance. So thankful to work with each of them.

    Intern Alley!

    Intern Alley!

Whew it has only been a month and God has blessed me GREATLY. I am so thankful to be where I am. If you serve on my team as a financial partner or prayer partner- THANK YOU. I pray that you truly feel as if you are partnering with me in all that God is doing here in Austin because the fact is I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you for faithfully giving your time and money towards equipping me to do HIS work.
I believe with all my heart that your investment is reaping ten fold for HIS future kingdom.

If you are family, a friend, blog stalker, internet browser, or anything in between and are interested in helping me knock out my final 10% here are the dets…

The final 10% funding needed means I only need $200 per month to finish!!

What does this mean?
$25 a month takes care of 12%!
>>$50 a month takes care of 25%!
>>>$100 a month takes care of 50%!
5 people commit to $20 a month
2 people commit to $25 a month
1 person commits to $50 a month

Click the link to join me as a monthly partner or contribute towards the 10% in any way you can!

Please join me in praying for these three things:

  • For God’s presence to move in a MIGHTY way in the lives of the 84 women that are attending the Satisfied class for six weeks. Pray for hearts to be softened to the gospel and for women to find their value and worth in Jesus for the first time.
  • For God to raise up leaders and women passionate about proclaiming His name as we gather on UT’s campus throughout the spring semester.
  • Pray daily that God would supply the final funding needed of $200 a month.

Thankful for 2012.

Well I hope I have articulated well enough up to this point how great this past year has been but in my opinion words still make it hard to grasp all that has happened. After growing up in Houston, going to Texas A&M, and then moving to Austin I have had to learn how to communicate life with my community and family separated by cities and sometimes states.  It is a hard but beautiful thing to have support and friendships literally scattered across the United States. All that to say there have been a lot of pictures taken, many much needed skype conversations, and countless phone calls to stay connected.

As cheesy as it may be I do believe that pictures are worth a thousand words. So in order to save you from my attempt of explaining 2012 in thousands of words, here are some photos to give you a glimpse of all God has done!

To my financial partners– put simply but honestly- these pictures wouldn’t be a reality without you. Thank you for choosing to bless my life and enhance His kingdom with your finances.  It has been life changing to partner with you. Your financial commitment will not return void. In fact, it has already changed lives here in Austin. Thank you.

To my prayer warriors– prayer has truly transformed my walk in this past year.  There were countless moments knowing no where else to go but to my knees.  The comfort I felt knowing you were there with me is unexplainable. Your prayers have changed lives here in Austin. Thank you.

Enough of my words. Let the pictures of life in 2012 speak for themselves.

Click on the logo to visit our website!

Click on the logo to visit our website!

So first where this crazy journey all began…for a little bit more background of what TCS is and how I got there read here.  One thing is for sure these four women, pictured below, played a huge role in the past year of my life and in the crazy ways God has been using Total City Sports in Austin.

From left: Lesley Heard (TCS Volleball Club Director), Katie Romeo (TCS 15s Coach), me! (TCS 16s Coach), Geanine Gregory (TCS 16s Coach), and Aubrey West (TCS 15s Coach)

In a nutshell this crazy far fetched idea of creating an affordable volleyball club for girls in East Austin was talked about and dreamed about among this group.  Lesley Heard had been working with TCS previously and spearheaded the vision for TCS Volleyball Club to become a reality. A few weeks later on a Sunday afternoon in October we held a tryout… and believe it or not girls showed up.  This was the first of many ways God provided for TCS and confirmed the mission we were on. These ladies were the beginning of that and we have learned more than we ever imagined walking through this mission together. I wouldn’t change the great and hard moments for anything. Read more here!

These are my girls! The TCS 16s team.

December 2011-May 2012:  TCS Volleyball Club Season
Here is just a little glimpse of what was accomplished in the inaugural 2011-2012 season of TCS Volleyball Club:

  • 25 Players from Central & East Austin attended tryouts in October 2011
  • Fielded 2 teams with 20 girls and 5 coaches – TCS 15s & TCS 16s
  • Teams included players from Reagan, Lanier, LBJ, Travis and McCallum
  • Each team played in 8 tournaments from December 2011 to May 2012

Season highlights:

  • Finished 3 tournaments with winning records
  • TCS 16s advanced from 36th to 4th in the Central TX Power League Tournament Series rankings
  • Two players received The Eric Solie Foundation scholarship totaling $455

Total City Sports 2011-2012 Season

It was truly an honor to walk alongside these girls through our first season.  It was a night and day difference in their volleyball skills, attitude, and work ethic from our first practice to our end of the year banquet.  Seeing a team unify and start turning losses into wins is what any coach would desire, but the mission of TCS goes far beyond just one season.

Bigger than turning a losing season into a winning one…
Better than any stat or ranking…
The relationships.
How 5 coaches all of a sudden had 20 little sisters. This is what made it worth it.
The faces in the picture below is why Total City Sports exists.

Facing life with these girls. Seeing their character and hope change. Getting to share Jesus with them.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

May 2012: TCS Volleyball Banquet
This is Danielle and me at the the TCS Volleyball end of year banquet. Danielle quickly became “Dani” to me and by the end of the season I was calling her my sister. Dani was a middle blocker for the TCS 16s team.

As the coaches called up each player and talked about their character development across the season we saw the faces of their parents light up. For some parents we had never seen them so encouraged as we reflected on their daughter’s personal growth as an athlete and leader.

Dani’s growth on the court as an athlete was substantial over the course of the season as we saw her become a more aggressive and smarter volleyball player. However, the real change for Dani was in her leadership and mental aspect of the game. At the banquet Dani took a moment to thank the coaches and talk about the season. She shared that volleyball had always been an outlet to let out anger and the coaches helped her work through this for the first time. This is just a glimpse of her story but there is so much more to it and so many more like it.

The banquet held a special place in my heart because this night was very similar to banquets I had in high school. But this time the roles were reversed – getting to stand as a coach and affirm these girls in who God had created them to be was an honor for me. Thank you to my coaches and mentors that poured into my life in high school, specifically in moments like this. You helped me see value in the things that mattered and helped me find my identity where it should be found.

TCS Volleyball Club: End of Year Banquet

March 2012
: Verge Conference
In the midst of the crazy club volleyball season I got to experience an incredible conference that Austin Stone puts on called Verge. Words can’t describe the motivation I had after hearing from church leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community development specialists all with one thing in common- pursuing the mission of God for the sake of the gospel.  This conference is one of many ways I received crazy development while serving as an intern. Talk about drinking out of a fire hydrant…
Watch this video to get a better glimpse of Verge and maybe even attend Verge 2013!

May 2012: Crossfit Renew
Throughout the spring as club season was in full swing and summer programming was being prepared the Director of Total City Sports and my stud boss Chris Allman (in the red shirt) was working on another project as well. The St. John neighborhood has one of the highest obesity rates in the city of Austin and Chris saw CrossFit as a way to engage the neighborhood and start making a difference  Getting to serve under his leadership while seeing this little dream come to life has been incredible. Yet another great example of the staff I have been surrounded by, their heart to take the gospel to the city of Austin, and how God is allowing them to us their giftings to do so. It is awesome.
Read more about CrossFit Renew here!

May 2012: 1st Advisory Board Meeting for Total City Sports
Total City Sports experienced yet another first in the spring as we held our first Advisory Board meeting in the history of Total City Sports.  The six members of the board serve as a huge encouragement and an incredible source of wisdom for the mission of TCS today and its future development.  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from this night but getting to discuss the vision of TCS with these men and women was a beautiful reminder of the body of Christ living on mission together as we seek after the restoration of Austin.  Such an encouraging and exciting night for Total City Sports!

May 2012-July 2012: Summer Programming- Player Development Program
As I am putting together this timeline I am realizing how 2012 was a serious year of innovation for Total City Sports. Not only did we see the creation of a volleyball club and CrossFit program, but our summer programming underwent a huge face-lift as well.

Total City Sports started in 2009 as a summer sports camp at Reagan High School.  Over the past few years minor changes were made to structure of the summer camp but overall TCS remained as a one location, multiple sport, open to the community summer camp.  God worked in some big ways those three summers but as the TCS staff started praying for summer 2012 a new direction was placed on our hearts.

Out of that new direction came the TCS Player Development Program (PDP).  In Matthew 28 Jesus calls his followers to go out and make disciples. Making disciples is what the Austin Stone and The For The City Network pray is the product of everything we do, whether that is from the sermons preached on Sundays or the community-focused programs like Total City Sports.  Our hope was that the design of PDP would do just that. Make disciples.

As we shaped the Player Development Program we decided to start small and offer only volleyball and football for our first summer. One of the big differences in PDP from other summer programs was that TCS sought out students to be a part of our program through recommendations from their coach and teachers.  Thus started the grassroots campaign for summer 2012 PDP.  Lesley and I spent the month of May visiting almost every middle school and high school in east Austin sharing the vision of TCS Player Development Program.  I can’t begin to explain the countless encouraging conversations we had with coaches, athletic directors, and teachers all across AISD that not only shared the same vision as PDP but more importantly expressed a great need for such a program.  Hearing this kind of response after months of brainstorming and praying for our summer… to say the Lord was faithful is such an understatement.

The structure of PDP consisted of two practices a week and then a third night completely dedicated to leadership development.  This structure offered us a platform to not only build a unique coach and player relationship through sports but also gave us an opportunity to dig deeper as we shared a meal and opened the Word of God with our PDP students.   The Lord truly blessed our PDP programs this summer with solid coaches that volunteered their time three nights a week to invest in the lives of these students.  The volleyball program lasted eight weeks and had 15-20 girls attend consistently.  We saw mentor relationships develop between the coaches and players that have continued beyond the summer and a new depth in conversation reached as we studied the Word of God and applied it to our lives.

The Austin Stone Story Team came out and took some pictures at a PDP practice this summer and ended up writing a story about my journey with TCS. Read the story here!

TCS Player Development Program

August 2012: 1st Annual Total City Sports Golf Tournament
As you can tell so far in the timeline it has been a year of crazy and exciting firsts for TCS. There have been many moments where the TCS team juggled multiple projects but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. To put it best in 2012 we truly got to see God’s blessing fall on TCS in more ways than we could count.  With so many new programs and anticipating only more growth in the coming months we were at an exciting point in the history of TCS.  It became clear in order to keep up with the demand it was time to get more people involved and on board with the mission and vision of TCS.  This discussion led to brainstorming for Total City Sports first fundraiser!

I had the privilege of being the chair for our first fundraiser, the Total City Sports Golf Tournament. Learning to lead a committee of volunteers and plan an event like this was an incredible challenge and opportunity for me.  HUGE shout out to the Shannon and Ty Woodruff, Todd Plunk, Jamie Ivey, and the TCS staff for helping make this day happen.  This committee voluntarily gave of their time weekly starting in April all the way through the event in August.  Their selflessness and commitment to the planning of this event made my job easy and enjoyable!  This fundraiser wouldn’t have been a success without the generosity of some incredible sponsors and over 70 participants playing in the tournament.  The 1st Annual TCS Golf Tournament definitely serves as a memorable day in my year!  Plan on joining us for our 2nd Annual TCS Golf Tournament in 2013!

Total City Sports Golf Tournament: August 31, 2012

September 2012 – September 2013: Women’s Development Program (WDP)
Throughout the spring I started praying about applying for a program within the Austin Stone Institute called the Women’s Development Program (WDP). Even before I decided to intern at the Austin Stone, I had heard about WDP and had hoped to someday be a  participant.  I am currently finishing up my first semester in the program, and after only three months I can’t even begin to scratch the surface on how this program has affected my life.  You can read more about the program here, but I’ll attempt to give you an idea of the program in my own words.

WDP and MDP (Men’s Development Program) meet together for the first half of class on Wednesday nights for a theology lecture based on our readings from Systematic Theology that week. For the second half, WDP and MDP split and our time has been spent on hermeneutics, which is a big word for learning how to properly study and interpret biblical text.  My bible group has been studying the book of Galatians this semester.  In addition to all of this, through WDP I have the opportunity to receive up to 18 hours in transferable credit through Southern Seminary because of their partnership with ASI, which I am personally pursuing.

Those are the logistics, but at the heart of this program it is designed to push you to know and study God in a new and deeper way than you had before.  It equips you with a strong foundation in theology and a love for the Word so that you can be sent out confidently to share the good news of the Gospel.  This program has produced these things in me while also causing me to wrestle with God through some hard things this semester. I am thankful for both outcomes because through both I have gotten to know the character of God better and my sinful heart is continually falling more in love with Him.

Photo Sep 19, 7 38 28 PM

WDP setup on Wednesday nights

“The Women’s Development Program exists to produce women who know God, love the gospel, and live on mission. Our desire is to equip women to be grounded in the personhood of God, have hearts that are continually transformed by the gospel and as a result live in their true identities as ambassadors for Christ.” – ASI website

Photo Sep 20, 12 05 25 AM

My textbooks!

Currently in 2012: Praying for 2013
Whew.. what a year.  Serving on the Total City Sports team this past year and being under the leadership of The For The City Network and the Austin Stone staff has redefined my perspective on what being a disciple of Christ is.  If you read my blog entry RESTORATION and then months later WORTH IT and now my recap of 2012 hopefully these will give you a better grasp on all I have seen God do and change in my life.

In short… I have lost more of my self in 2012.
But somewhere along the way loosing myself led to saving myself.

Mark 8:35
For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

Looking on to 2013 I have felt called to take a step forward and move from a part-time position into a full-time role at the Austin Stone.  I have felt confirmed over the past year that I should continue pursuing development in the area of women’s equipping, which is why I don’t hesitate to raise full-time support for 2013.  After discussing some specific ideas for growth within women’s equipping at The Austin Stone, I was ready to jump on board and help make these ideas become a reality.

Starting in February, I will serve full-time as an intern under Fabienne Harford, the Director of Women’s Training at Austin Stone.  I am beyond excited about this opportunity and feel like it is an appropriate next step to seek what the Lord has for me.  This position will allow me to help lead and create some new programs for women’s training as the team explores new ways to help women get connected.  I will also continue to get training and development in a teaching environment by apprenticing for some classes in our Get Trained ministry.

My involvement with TCS will consist of investing in the mentoring relationships I currently have with TCS athletes. In addition, I will be assisting with some spring programming and helping create a leadership development component for our TCS club volleyball program.

Serving alongside the staff of the Austin Stone for the past year has enriched my life and given me valuable insight into the nuts and bolts of church ministry.  This experience has been monumental for my development and pursuit in ministry. I have also seen the difficult realities of working within a church be approached with grace, truth, and compassion by the staff of the Austin Stone. I can’t think of a better environment to be developed in than serving alongside this kind of leadership.

For my current financial partners– Thank you for joining this journey with me for the past year.  Words will never be able to thank you enough.  I am looking forward to sharing more with you and thanking you face to face hopefully soon.  I ask that you begin to pray for what your role might look like moving into 2013 and specifically that you would consider extending your financial commitment and possibly increasing your monthly partnership.  Your faithfulness to me over the past year blew me away and regardless if you are able to continue in your support or not I will forever be thankful for the year you partnered with me in 2012.  Looking forward to talking with you.

For my current prayer warriors– Pray. Pray. Pray. As I continue on this adventure it has been clear to me that the distractions and spiritual warfare have increased. Pray for the strength to persevere and to strive for His direction and ultimately His glory.  Your prayers strengthen my faith and motivate my steps. Thank you.

For NEW partners! – If you are interested in partnering with me financially or in prayer as I step into this new position in 2013 then I would love to talk to you and meet you face to face if possible! Email me at Thank you in advance.

How to partner now?
Visit the partner page for more information and sign up for online partnership here!

What a year! I am even more excited for what is to come. Thank you for blessing my life.


gosh… first I owe you an apology.  If you are one of my financial supporters or prayer warriors then I haven’t kept you updated in the ways YOU have played a direct role in what the Lord has been doing here in Austin.  But even more important than that… whether you are a personal supporter or just a random blog reader who might happen to stumble upon this someday.  I have missed an opportunity to give my God, the one and only God, all the glory and all the praise for what HE has been doing in Austin and through my life.  Man am I thankful God’s glory isn’t dependent on me.  I have failed, am failing, and will continue to fail to communicate His glory well.

But that isn’t going to keep me from trying now….

Even though my thoughts and stories didn’t make their way on to your computer screen via this blog I did manage to write plenty in my journals which as I flip through I realize how all over the place my thoughts and stories have been.   All that to say I am now convinced the Lord graciously blessed you as a potential reader by not being exposed to my craziness.  I have now “attempted” to sum up the past 8 months of life here… continue reading only at your own risk.

So if you are still reading I ask that you give me grace as I try to articulate how the past 8 months have been life altering.

let me be clear…
it has been exhausting.

dream chasing.
heart wrenching.
identity stealing.
joyfully surprising.
patience quenching.
energy failing.
pride rising.
idol bearing.

incredibly perfect.

The fact is I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I wrote my first entry on RESTORATION.  I should of known serving a God with an awesome sense of humor that my understanding of RESTORATION in February was just scratching the surface of what He wanted me to learn. I love that about my God. He is limitless.

Disclaimer: the following may seem really raw.. honest.. vulnerable.. that’s because it is. so here is some insight into the ugliness of my heart and the beauty of His grace.

As I reflect over the past 8 months I realize that as much as I prayed for a heart free of expectations that is exactly what I entered into my internship with- I had just done an amazing job of masking them as other things.  These hidden, if I am honest rooted is a better word, expectations came to life through my self-motivation, ambition, and pride. Not only was my heart living in expectation, but I was gripping on to those expectations with all my worth, value, and identity.

Yes you read right…

Worth, value, and identity wrapped up in 
MY self-motivation, ambition, and pride.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen doesn’t it?

My heart was and continues to be, even on my best day, a direct contradiction to this truth..

Isaiah 64:8 Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are the work of your hands.

My actions and thoughts too often reflect…

Yes Lord acknowledge you as my Father… but am the clay.. so I can have some say over how am molded right?  mean I must know best since am the clay.

This is how this contradiction played out in real life thoughts…

LORD, I knew that this was going to push me to my limits, challenge my every thought, and demand more of me…  but not in this way..riight?

This is when my dark heart becomes bluntly obvious…

Lord you aren’t going to teach me this… by giving me no reward right… not after all I have done…right?

Let’s make it a little more real and a lot more honest…

Lord you aren’t going to teach me this… by making copies, sending emails, and just listening… right?

Lord you aren’t going to teach me this… through feelings of inadequacy and doubting my gifts… right?

….gosh that actually hurt to type…

Clearly my ugly expectations started to surface in my thoughts and let’s be real I’m sure they surfaced in my actions as well.  Whew… bless my friends, co workers, and family for putting up with me.

Restoration is absolutely a beautiful picture of Christ’s grace for us, but what I have been forced to dig into is the reality of what comes before restoration.  That before restoration takes place there is sanctification. And for those of you thinking sanctification can be skipped out on I don’t recommend thinking that. Because it can’t be.

He loves you too much to let you skip out on sanctification.

Sanctification can be a big church word that can easily be misunderstood.
John Piper helps explain it by simply saying that…

sanctification is progressively becoming like Jesus.

Well… I think I have been clear enough in this blog so far that I am FAR from being anything like Jesus and even further from being holy.  If for some reason you doubt this then just ask me for some more evidence, I have plenty.  So sweet… now that we have determined that becoming like Jesus is impossible what does this mean?

This means sanctification is hard.

But shouldn’t it be?

Jesus is the Son of God, who lived a perfect life here on earth.  He is also God of this universe who sees all, hears all, and knows all.  He was, and is, and is to come.

How can I ever amount or much less become like this?

John Piper goes on to say that sanctification is…

Gradually becoming like Jesus, or becoming holy. Becoming conformed to the image of Christ. Little by little, over time — from conversion till Jesus comes back, or you die — you are in the process of sanctification, becoming sanctified, becoming holy.

Jesus is everything I want to be.  He is my role model and my hero.  I want to spend every day trying to become more like Him… “little by little, over time.”

Thankfully there is no weight on my shoulders to reach the perfection of Jesus.  I can find rest in knowing that He is God and I am not.  I don’t want to become more like Him because I feel obligated; I want to become more like Him because it is worth it, regardless of the cost.

1 peter 1: 6-9 proclaims that sanctification is WORTH IT.

1 Peter 1:6-9 In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

Sanctification produces praise, glory, and honor towards my Father and I get to rejoice over that! THAT IS WORTH IT.

When I wrote about restoration months ago it was because I desired to dig deeper into knowing my God and Father despite any circumstance.   What I have discovered almost a year later is there is no sweeter way to know Him better than through the purifying process of sanctification.

All of my questions – Lord you aren’t going to teach me this… this way… right??have each been so patiently and kindly answered by my Father saying …

actually YES. this is the RIGHT way. this is MY way.

and this is BEST.

The fact is I am continuing to be taught the very lesson that broke my heart and saved me when I was in 8th grade…

we are the clay, YOU are the potter; we are the work of YOUR hands.

A life where I rest in His worth, His value, His identity far outweighs any desire or expectation of my heart.  This means regardless of circumstances I must trust that the author of my life doesn’t let anything go unnoticed.

What blows my mind is that 8 months ago when the LORD knew the state of my ugly heart and it seemed that a mental, emotional, spiritual disaster was imminent He looked at me and saw a perfectly planned storm coming in my life.

A storm He had drawn up and written before my existence.
A storm that He held all authority and power over.
A storm that He wanted me to walk through.

From an incredible sermon at Austin Stone…

If we trust our God has the power to stop the storms in our lives, do we trust that He has the power to USE the storms in our life.

Let me tell you.. He has used it.  And looking back I would walk through this storm all over again.

What have I learned over the past 8 months?

That I can’t. But He can. And I am so thankful for that.

This is only the beginning of my growth over the past 8 months. There will be more stories to come!  Also, I have some exciting news for what is next so get excited!! Life update coming soon!



1. the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, place, etc.

2. the replacement or giving back of something lost,
stolen, etc.

3. something restored, replaced, or reconstructed

Oh this word..  In my missional community group last week we went around and shared a word that we wanted to focus on for 2012.  This led to some awesome discussion and scripture as we talked through the meanings of words such as FREEDOM..  HOLINESS..  CONTENTMENT.. BROKENESS..  INTENTIONAL.. STEADFAST.. and a few others.  Oh course I can’t leave out that there was some quality laughter as one word seemed to be “better” or “more holy” than the next… in my mind a mild example of a “Jesus Juke.” If you have no idea what a “Jesus Juke” is then please treat yourself to a lighthearted laugh and read John Acuff’s blog here .

Wow. One paragraph in and I am already on a tangent. Hang with me please.  So as the conversation turned to me for my word for 2012 a flood of things came to mind reflecting on where my heart has been in the past 13 days of this year.  My flesh wanted to scream out the words.. DOUBT.. FEAR.. INSECURITY..  INADEQUACY..  As I may not have screamed them my missional community definitely patiently let me talk them out.  These words mainly came from the challenges of talking with my boss about quitting, turning down an opportunity to further my career, and now facing what seems like a mountain of continuing to raise $12,000 of support in order for me to start my internship.  However, thankfully the conversation didn’t end with these words. RESTORATION is where it ended and where this year begins.

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

There is HOPE.
1. the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, place, etc.

Restoration is the act of repairing, renewing, or rebuilding something.  This means that there must be an original condition and purpose that needs to be brought back. As much as the process of restoration is difficult and often a long journey.. I must embrace the truth that restoration offers HOPE.  Hope that my sinful, wicked heart has an original state that is better… more pure.. with greater purpose.. one with “a steadfast spirit.”  I must cling to the hope that through restoration I can get closer to becoming what I am intended to be.. what I was CREATED to be.

There is a REDEEMER.
2. the replacement or giving back of something lost, stolen, etc.

I love how this implies something has been lost or stolen.  This speaks directly to my heart and my desperate need for restoration.  I am so easily distracted to where I lose sight of HIS love and promises for my life.  Ultimately this feeling of being lost started in the garden and has continued throughout every generation.  My sin leaves me lost.  My true identity has been stolen and replaced by something so cheap. BUT there is a REDEEMER.  My sin separated me, but my Savior has rescued my stolen heart.

One of my favorite musicians, David Dunn, explains it well in the following lyrics from his song “A Stolen Heart”…

A stolen heart I do possess. I can’t erase, I can’t forget.
The love He has, the love He gave to me
A rescued soul I find in me, I do possess
I do believe the greatness of the grace He gave to me

I haven’t found the words to say how grateful I am
Jesus, you’re the one that came to save us,
Put aside the glory owed you and came..
Humbly as a child, a broken world to reconcile

Lover, we declare there is no other. You’re the reason we exist.
There’s no greater love than this. Hallelujah.

There is a JOURNEY.
3. something restored, replaced, or reconstructed

Reconstruction is a process. Timing of reconstruction can look very different based upon what is being rebuilt.  The reconstruction of my “at the time” very important playmobile doll house after my brother had pillaged it with his G.I. Joes is a little different from the reconstruction of my car after an accident.  Very different? …yes, however similar pertaining to the end result.  If the builder wants a good result and truly desires to return the item back to its original intent, then reconstruction must have a plan, an order that is certainly thought out.  My life has consisted of brokenness and reconstruction… brokenness and reconstruction… brokenness and reconstruction… need I go on?  When I take my healing or reconstruction into my own hands I often push to rebuild myself quicker than intended or find a temporary fix which is quickly followed by brokenness again.  The only times I am reconstructed properly are when I patiently hand over the reigns and let Him do the reconstructing.  I am learning that the reconstructing of my heart is a process that won’t take overnight and that honestly won’t ever be complete here on earth.  However, my Savior wants to offer me restoration through a JOURNEY until the day He takes me home.  One that is full of mountains and valleys but an adventure nonetheless.

So here I am in the in between… I am officially done with the job I have held for the past year and this Monday the 30th I will start my internship with Austin Stone. What do I need? Prayer. Prayer to live each day with the HOPE my REDEEMER has given me to walk through this JOURNEY.  Prayer that I will live in a constant state of RESTORATION.  Prayer to fight doubt, insecurity, and fear with the FREEDOM He promises as I continue to raise support and start my internship.

“Old Rugged Cross” by David Dunn

You have restored me oh God..You have restored me oh God..
By the power of your name you have saved what was
You have given me hope.. You have given me hope..
By the blood that you shed on that old rugged cross

♦To my financial partners – you have no idea how overwhelmed I have been these past two weeks by your generosity as I have watched HIM provide. He has opened my eyes to the privilege and opportunity I am being given for this next year.  YOU are playing a huge role in the work HE is doing and will continue to do in Austin. Thank you.

♦To my prayer warriors – He has moved in my life more in the past few weeks than I can even put into words.  He is drawing me to trust Him more and has been so patient with me as I have slowly handed over control.  Pray for continued trust as I continue to raise support.  Pray for my heart, my expectations, and my perspective as I start my internship.  Pray for a daily reminder that it is NOT about me. You are my ROCK and He is hearing your prayers, keep them coming!!


My name is Kate Terry and welcome to my blog! The purpose of my blog is to keep friends and family up to date on this crazy journey the Lord is taking me on called life.  Life has most recently been defined by change.  In January 2012 I will be leaving my current job and I will be starting a part-time, unpaid, internship with the Austin Stone Community Church.  I will specifically be serving as the Program Coordinator for Total City Sports a non-profit organization that exists to develop Austin’s next generation of athletes and leaders by increasing participation and interest in sports while providing premier athletic programming and mentorship.  If you know me well then Total City Sports is clearly something that fuels my passion.

Change can be scary and I will be the first to admit that I have fought thoughts of fear, doubt, inadequacy and so many more lies almost daily over the past  month… but with change there is also HOPE.

Hope of a better story… a grander story. A story that is not planned by me but my Father. A story that can reflect at least a glimmer of the hope He has given me.

Ephesians 2 
1As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins…  4 But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5 made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.”

If you want to know more about how I got to Austin and joined the Total City Sports team then please read ‘my story’. Visit the ‘updates’ page if you want to hear about what is currently going on and the people who are a part of what I do.

The Lord has stretched my perspective and heart in more ways than I can count over the past few months.  However, the most beautiful truth that He has opened up my eyes to has been the idea of how to share this ministry with others.  I may be serving as the hands and feet in this particular ministry but because my salary is partially funded by donors, we have the blessed opportunity to be a part of it together. As you read on, please prayerfully consider if you want to partner with us.

Until the whole world hears,

Kate Terry